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JianHao's Office Tour 2019

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • We give you a peek at all the magic behind all our videos and the company, Titan Digital Media.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/F_gJv1Il7hE


  • JianHao Tan

    JianHao Tan

     4 months ago +3447

    What is your favourite part of Titan's office?

  • Absi Islam

    Absi Islam

     an hour ago +1

    I died at 9:54

  • DarkInvador101


     an hour ago

    Your channel is so amazing

  • Aleph Waqze

    Aleph Waqze

     5 hours ago

    They are going to india

  • srishti Raw

    srishti Raw

     5 hours ago

    really loving up this video..that's why all love u jian keep this idea of planning video more exiciting up..really amazing n funny n we love u jian again
    ..n wish that u may more over million of followers..thnk u jian n team

  • joiness 4ever

    joiness 4ever

     7 hours ago

    Got 1 part when jian hao told everyone to gather and none of them listening to him and got a guy announced it then everyone listen to him and jian hao feel unfair 😂😂maybe he been thinking " i am the boss in this company, how can everyone listen to him, instead of me?? "😂

  • Abbas N

    Abbas N

     10 hours ago

    Trip to India
    Oh the movie yeah

  • Puffy Jello

    Puffy Jello

     14 hours ago


  • Aida Guatato

    Aida Guatato

     23 hours ago

    Ridwan has a baby? Look at 2:21 omg and its name is nicole

  • Faiz Ali

    Faiz Ali

     yesterday +1

    At 9:00 u get to see the huge paper airplane from types of people in group projects where JianHao pays a person to make it for him

  • Sata Vlogs

    Sata Vlogs


    I'm from india and I see INDIA TRIP! OMG GUYS WHEN ARE YOU COMING

  • i'm a ONCE

    i'm a ONCE

     yesterday +1

    i saw some easter eggs

  • Zac McGrotty

    Zac McGrotty


    If you pause the video at 3:37 it says on the left of the whiteboard in reddish pink remove renyixiang leaked sex tape lmao 😆

  • Admin 777

    Admin 777

     2 days ago

    sees everyone follow Trev

  • Menday Wangmo

    Menday Wangmo

     2 days ago

    Trev is a bad person

  • Mamta P

    Mamta P

     2 days ago

    Come to India I live in india

  • Future Legend of football

    Future Legend of football

     3 days ago

    haha funny

  • Future Legend of football

    Future Legend of football

     3 days ago

    so big

  • Future Legend of football

    Future Legend of football

     3 days ago

    wow i like the office

  • Future Legend of football

    Future Legend of football

     3 days ago

    i love buncha the dog