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How to 270 Tap to Fakie - Best trick tips on BMX

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 9, 2017
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    In this video Kostya Andreev explains how to 270 Tap to Fakie. What you do is spin a 180, go into a tap stand, rotate 90° and exit fakie into the quarter. Let's go over each step in detail. Ride up at the same speed as for a regular tap going in an arc, twist slightly and stand up on your rear wheel. You need to retain a constant tension in the chain doing the entire stand. However the harder you push down on the pedal the more spin you'll get, so don't overdo it. Well-controlled push will guide you straight into the quarter. The ideal moment to perform the exit is when you've just gone over 180. If you wait longer than all your force will be directed along the coping. Your body is directed into the quarter and all that's left is a simple 180 Manual.

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