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Xe máy xúc, xe tải đồ chơi - Xây dựng chiếc cầu qua sông - M88N Bé Cá Đồ Chơi

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 31, 2019
  • Excavator, toy truck - Constructing a bridge across the river - M88N Baby Fish Toy has the content: #washing trotaw toy to go to the river to see the broken bridge but still trying to cross so it fell into the lake. #view passing toy engines to help get concrete mixer truck ashore. The concrete mixer truck tries to get up and wants to build a new bridge with your friend to cross the river. Excavators are excited to go to the toy cart to ask for help building the bridge. The construction vehicles want to be assigned clear jobs to do the most efficient and fastest. Excavator truck assigns two #carriage toys to carry sand and rock strips down. One truck has bricks and another has a fence. Wheel loader and toy truck in charge of scooping sand and rolling on roads. As for the #chis, the toy crane will go and clean the old bridge so that the vehicles can build a new bridge. Construction vehicles follow their assigned tasks and quickly build a new bridge. The new bridge looks beautiful and definitely not it! The #player video is great for children to watch. #beca

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