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Never Tap to An Armbar Again (or How Defend Armbars with Leverage)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 10, 2018
  • Rob Biernacki shares 2 proven methods using leverage to defend against (and hopefully escape) fully applied armbars in BJJ, no gi grappling and MMA. We cover how Vinny Magalhaes survived Fabricio Werdum's vicious armbar at ADCC 2011, the hitchhiker escape, and the technique Roger Gracie used to escape Buchecha's armbar at Metamoris 1.

    There's a lot covered here, so if you want to jump ahead then here are the rough sections:
    There are a few different sections to this video

    - Overall introduction (0:00 to 2:10)

    - How to position your body to lessen the power of your opponent's armbar (2:10 to 5:10)

    - The hitchhiker escape (5:10 to 6:50)

    - How Rob has tested this technique (6:50 to 8:14)

    - The limitations of this technique (8:14 to 9:24)

    - I try this defense with some limited success (9:24 to 12:58)

    - Thumb up or thumb down to defend the armbar? (12:58 to 13:35)

    - The Roger Gracie vs Buchecha armbar escape (13:35 to 15:05)

    - The critical importance of controlling the shoulder in the armbar (15:05 to 15:51)

    - How to train this technique safely (15:51 to 15:57)

    Rob's instructionals include:
    The BJJ Formula

    and The Modern Leglock Formula
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