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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Doritos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Nacho cheese exists in two states: the melted cheese state and the powdered cheese state*. When it comes to the powdered cheese state, all pale in comparison to Nacho Cheese Doritos, continually perfected by science and consistently beloved by the masses since 1972. Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to take Nacho Cheese Doritos to the next level and make them gourmet!

    *The third state of nacho cheese, cheese sauce, is controversial in the nacho community and for our purposes we are disregarding it. For more reading, see the studies ‘Nachos in Nature’ (1983), ‘Dormant Doritos’ (1992), ‘The Quest for Queso’ (1999), ‘This Powdered Chip’ (2001) and ‘The Health Benefits of Nachos and the Search for Immortality’ (2007).

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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Doritos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Dej Sof

    Dej Sof

     6 hours ago

    Gabbie is the goat

  • Jeremy Caylor

    Jeremy Caylor

     10 hours ago

    Props to Delaney for giving his dollar to the cameraman.

  • fistweaver


     15 hours ago

    What's the point of buying all the Doritos in the store

  • Chayla Perry

    Chayla Perry

     16 hours ago

    Make popcorn

  • Chronokatan


     18 hours ago

    Damn, I hoped she would do the Chilli Heatwaves ones!

  • uselessgamer_ 2004

    uselessgamer_ 2004


    Please make gourmet timtam

  • marina loizides

    marina loizides


    Please try smartfood popcorn!!

  • Dome roamer

    Dome roamer


    Am I the only one wanting to clap Claire's cheeks

  • craig lee

    craig lee


    Look this tiny lady is cute AF Two gray haired beauties yummy ,, sorry i'm a bit of a freak :)

  • Melisa Gonzalez

    Melisa Gonzalez


    El argentino arregla todo con alambre. (Argentineans fix everything with wire)

  • stuzaza



    Bravo Claire

  • Emma Raftery

    Emma Raftery


    I was watching this and then I could smell chips frying and it was wiLd!
    My moms making chips for dinner😂

  • Saphira Brightscale

    Saphira Brightscale

     yesterday +1

    I need answers as to what was going on at 27:49


  • MopRocks


     2 days ago

    Claire's eyelashes are, like, stunning in this episode. What mascara is that?

  • unsponsored skater

    unsponsored skater

     2 days ago

    ngl Claire bad asf

  • Royanna Fritschmann

    Royanna Fritschmann

     2 days ago

    I flipping LOVE ❤️ watching these episodes with Claire! I love watching her back through an item with science and culinary instincts!

  • Zdravko Dimitrov

    Zdravko Dimitrov

     2 days ago

    I don't know man... is it just me or... sometimes I forget to listen and just admire how beautiful that girl is...

  • Travis Fletcher

    Travis Fletcher

     3 days ago

    Nacho cheese Doritos dipped in peanut’re welcome...just try it

  • Bernice Tam

    Bernice Tam

     3 days ago

    I’m eating my Poppin Jalapeño Doritos while watching this video right now.

  • Don't Blink 869

    Don't Blink 869

     3 days ago +3

    “It’s a secret recipe and you can’t replicate it and if you get it you die.” Rhett Mcglaughlin