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  • Published on:  Monday, December 7, 2009
  • George Thorogood
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  • Nutorious Clown

    Nutorious Clown

     an hour ago

    When you take a shit in school

  • jess no silit

    jess no silit

     2 hours ago

    I need your clothes , your boots, your motorcycle

  • Ayush Agarwal

    Ayush Agarwal

     8 hours ago +1

    When you don't in at any of the comments in this video

  • kanal kobra

    kanal kobra

     12 hours ago

    when you don't know anything about this song

  • luis fly

    luis fly

     12 hours ago

    When you’re out of battery at a hospital so you unplug some dude’s life support to support your phone

  • B H

    B H

     17 hours ago

    When they say terminator genesys & dark fate are their favourites 😂

  • Duarte Azevedo

    Duarte Azevedo

     21 hours ago

    When you are convicted of war crimes and genocide in The Hague Internacional Court of Justice.

  • Hassan Ahmed

    Hassan Ahmed


    Very excellent theme

  • Rose Ross Xb

    Rose Ross Xb


    Me: No I don't listen to rock!! Who do think I am?

    (Few minutes later)

    Me: *flips water bottle* b-b-bad tot he bone
    Sister: Mhmm

  • LeeMan9992002



    Neighbors love it when I play this song. They stomp on the floor wanting me to turn it up.

  • Honey Is Good

    Honey Is Good

     yesterday +3

    When you banged your high school teacher the day before graduation.

  • Bill P

    Bill P

     yesterday +1

    I wish the neighbors would shut up
    I have it as load as my twelve speakers will go without blowing a breaker

  • Andrija Ljubas

    Andrija Ljubas



  • Andrés Robalino

    Andrés Robalino


    Grande George Thogorod.

  • Five Star Reviews

    Five Star Reviews


    You want to play rough huh - Junior Healey 1990

  • XTheVideoGamerGirlX


     2 days ago

    I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle!

  • javier oviedo

    javier oviedo

     2 days ago +5

    Are you bad to the bone in Nov 2019 ?



     2 days ago +1

    2019 ?

  • Brittany Rodriguez

    Brittany Rodriguez

     2 days ago

    Al Bundy brought me here.

  • Nesquik Man

    Nesquik Man

     2 days ago +9

    I searched "Bbbbbbbbbbad" and this was the first result.