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Em bé búp bê tốt bụng cùng với xe cần cẩu giúp đỡ xe ô tô - M94G Bé Cá Đồ Chơi

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 13, 2019
  • Kindness baby doll along with car cranes to help cars - M94G Baby Toy Fish has content: Baby doll carries buoy to the lake to bathe. Truck carrying elephants unfortunately fell into the lake. Garbage trucks go to collect rubbish, then when you see two people in distress, look for a crane car to help. A baby doll passed by and carried a buoy into the lake to pull the elephant to the shore. Shortly thereafter, the crane truck pulled up the truck. Trucks and elephants continue their journey. Nearby, concrete mixers, excavator cars, tractors and trucks played together. Suddenly heavy rain fell, the whirlwind came and swept the friends into the lake. Cranes and baby dolls are also coming. Cars are careful to pull the car up and baby dolls use buoys to bring you to the car. When all of you got to the beach safely, the crane truck called an ambulance to fill up the car for you. At this time, the new baby doll is swimming freely. The #player video is great for children to watch. #beca

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