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Đồ chơi xe cứu hỏa | Xe trộn bê tông thông minh | F855Z Bé Cá Đồ Chơi

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 17, 2019
  • Fire truck toys | Smart concrete mixer truck - F855Z Bé Cá Đồ Chơi with content: It's quite hot, a fire truck works hard to patrol to avoid a fire. A baby doll comes to the flower garden and meets a plane on fire. The baby doll calls the fire truck to spray water to extinguish fire for plane. Unfortunately, the plane is broken could not move. The fire truck calls a traffic rescue vehicle to help get the plane repaired. On the way, the traffic rescue vehicle collided with a gasoline truck. As soon as the baby doll receives the phone, the fire truck immediately goes there. The fire truck sprays water to extinguish fire. Because the gasoline truck breaks down the wheel, the traffic rescue vehicle takes it to the rescue station first. At that time, the baby doll was worried about the plane when a concrete mixer truck appeared to take the plane to the rescue station. The spiderman helps repair the wheel for the gasoline truck and gasoline pump for plane. Please help everyone to the best of your ability! Video about #toys is great for kids to watch. #beca

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