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Đồ chơi xe cứu hỏa - Dập tắt ngọn lửa gây nguy hiểm - F859G Bé Cá Đồ Chơi

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 28, 2019
  • Fire truck toy - Extinguish dangerous flames - F859G Baby Fish Toy has the content: It's sunny, baby dolls bring buoys to the pool. Unfortunately, the baby doll stumbled into a stone that fell into the pit, unable to get up. ... Fire trucks carrying baby dolls go to the lake to swim and get more water to go on missions. A #traditional aircraft played with a tornado, crashed to the ground and caught fire. Fire engines come to spray fire water and reassemble the wings for the helicopter. The helicopter thanked the fire engine and took off but it didn't work. Firefighters go to call #carriagexcharge toys to refuel the helicopter. Shortly thereafter, a gasoline truck collided with a #duggling truck, carrying firewood, and two vehicles were dumped into a burning road. Fire engines discovered running to sprinkler fire in time. Gasoline truck got up and helped the truck up, then apologized for speeding over a car to make an accident. Fire trucks are very kind, always helping people in trouble. The #player video is great for children to watch. #beca

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